I shoot between 10 and 3 Monday - Friday. 
Weekend availability is possible, but I need
48 hours notice.
Standard Photography
Homes and Townhomes in Seattle up to 2900 Sq. Ft. $250. Larger and view homes between $275-350.
Condos in Seattle up to 800 SF $225 amenities and exterior included in the price. Larger and view condos 800-1500 SF between $250-325.
Twilight / Night Shoots Exteriors 1-3 images $150 - Interiors 1-3 images $175.
Exterior only sunny day view shots $150
Floor Plans $50 up to 3000 SF - $75 3000+ SF 
Quotes for larger or view properties or Interior/Exterior Twilight shoots available before the shoot.
Included features of every home tour:
· All images delivered the same day as the shoot (usually before 9 PM)
· Images edited in Photoshop and sized for printing and the NWMLS (other images sizes available upon request)
· Multiple images of the exterior and yard
· Multiple images of main rooms (i.e. Living Room, Kitchen, Master Suite)
· Images of all the amenities of the condo (access dependent)
· Images posted as a Zip file to homes2.com and archived there for easy access from any computer.
Virtual Tours
Animated Still Image Tours $125 for a 2-3 minute tour hosted on YouTube.
Matterport Tours when ordered with a Full Tour -
$175 Condo up to 800 SF
$225 Condos up to 1500 SF
$250 Homes & Condos up to 2500 SF
$300-400 Homes over 2500 SF
$25 Floor Plans when ordered with a Matterport Tour click for sample 

Matterport Tours when ordered separately add $50
Quotes for all services on large or view properties available before the shoot.
Virtual Tours will be delivered in the evening of the day of the appointment.
Video Tours
A 2-3 minute Edited Video posted on YouTube with Embedding Code for inclusion in your marketing materials $225-275 when ordered with a Full Tour.
Video Tours when ordered separately add $50.
Walk-Thru Videos $175 
Videos will be delivered the next day before noon.
QR Code Tours
Laminate a flyer with the QR code and post it on your signpost instead of flyers. The gallery can have any text, Matterport or video added to the device scalable web page. Branded and Unbranded tours available.  
QR Code Tours $50. Sample
Travel Charges
Shown on the map below. Green $0 | Yellow $20 | Red $30–50.
All prices include Sales Tax. 
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