I charge a flat fee for condos and another for single family homes, because an agent might have a 600 sq. ft. studio condo and next might have a 2700 sq. ft. view property - the cost evens out over time.
I always shoot 20-40 images for a small to average size home. This gives you more flexibility in your marketing; you can change out the images on the MLS to freshen the listing after it has been on a while.
Your images are available the same day via email and a link to a Zip file. The Zip file is hosted at a secure storage site. It has both full-sized images for print orders and web ready images for the MLS, your online ads, Publisher flyers and Word documents.
The tours include:
- Images of all rooms in the home (multiple images of the main rooms)
- Images of agent designated special features
- Post processing and enhancement
- Loading to the brokerages' website (if requested)
- Same day service you have the images the evening of the shoot
There are extra fees for travel outside of the Metro area.
You have limited license to the images for your business and marketing for as long as you need them. You cannot sell or transfer your license to a third party for their marketing or website without my prior written consent. I maintain the copyright to all the images that I provide to the agents. 
Please call if you have any questions 206-484-1499.
Dan  Farmer
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